22 learnings before turning 22

A valuable self-reflection during challenging times

Self-reflection has become a part of my daily routine. During a lockdown, it’s always a great time to list out my learning from the past few years.

In 4 years, I’ve traveled to 21 countries, lived in 7 different addresses in 3 countries and 4 different cities than one could ever dream of. As I am going to turn 22, I want to share some of my lessons that I’ve learned.

1. Always be kind

You never know what people are going through.

2. Aim for great work, not perfection. Execute.

Nothing is perfect. Execute on your ideas, because ideas are cheap.

3. Live minimally.

The less you have, the happier and less stress you will be. The less expensive stuff you have, the less there is to worry about.

4. Break up hurts and it’s okay if you can’t move on.

Don’t force yourself. Things take time.

5. Go on exchange.

Spending a semester abroad in Denmark put me on an entirely new path. The experience has transformed me to know myself better and be a better person.

6. Workout often, because you can’t buy health.

Trust me, having a good posture helps reduce your back pains and it makes a lot of difference.

7. Don’t focus entirely on one thing.

Go different directions before making the final decision.

8. Storytelling is a best skill.

“The power of words”.

9. Appreciate your friends and family.

Don’t take true relationships for granted.

10. Write more.

Writing keeps you focus and it helps you sleep better.

11. Read more.

As General James Mattis said, if you don’t read, you are “functionally illiterate”.

12. Invest in your mental health and don’t argue with crazy/small-minded people.

Sometime people do not listen. It will not worth your time to change them and there’s no guarantee that it will be a success. It’s a valuable investment to choose happiness. But it’s hard.

13. It’s okay to reach out to people if it can be done fast and easily that way.

People like helping people. And it bonds people.

14. Be selective.

Be selective about what you share and with whom; to stay safe.

15. Accept your weakness.

Self-awareness is the key.

16. Don’t bring money into a friendship that you don’t want to lose.

Money can ruin relationships so it’s always best to stay away from involving money into the friendship.

17. If someone is not replying, it’s because they don’t want to.

What’s the point of having the phone?

18. Thanking other people who helped you.


19. Self-learning is powerful.

The world is changing every second. And I think we should only learn what we can apply or use in our life.

20. Try different things in early life.

I always tend to try different things when you can because you will know what you want later in life.

21. Before you judge, seek to understand.

Whenever I feel myself rushing to judgment, I think of the beautiful line from The Great Gatsby: “Whenever you feel like criticising anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”

22. Many time things will not go according to your plan. Lower your expectations

Things always don’t go as planned. There will be unplanned obstacles and bad times. This can affect the results. Expecting too much can demotivate you.

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