My Process of Becoming a Barista in 90 days

A simple guide to become a barista and making latte art

As coffee is growing in popularity, coffee shops have become the place to be, which means it’s no surprise that the interest in working and owning coffee shops has also skyrocketed! And here’s me documenting my process of making latte art in the past 90 days as a part-time barista in Hong Kong.

My attempts to make latte art from day one at the coffee shop

Learning from Experiences

Ultimately, in all walks of life, there are few greater alternatives to experience.

As a barista, you will experience things in your store that cannot be replicated, and there will be times early on when drinks don’t go to plan.

What many people don’t realise is the skill and technique that goes into making every cup of coffee. Creating these drinks that we all love is a craft, and people are looking to learn it more than ever before.

Remember that mistakes are Ok!

The most important thing here is not to panic — early mistakes happen to everyone. In fact, making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn (see how many latte art I make to make a perfect one).

Continue to hone your craft throughout your time as a barista, learning from errors and developing your weaknesses. By continuing to learn, you will pick up your very own unique traits that could go on to shape your career!

Be myself.

Being a barista can be a fun way to interact with people, and it is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the local community and build customer rapport!

Making people feel special and welcome can go a long way in how you perceive work, and a positive atmosphere is a crucial ingredient to a work environment you want to be in.

Remember to be yourself and treat customers how you would like to be treated if you entered a coffee shop.

These are my process of my path as a barista. If you are serious about potentially carving out a career in the coffee shop business, then it’s essential to learn, make mistakes and practice from the best. The skills you learn being a barista will be a valuable asset, so don’t be scared to train up!

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